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My name is Christopher Sardegna, and my project is Reagent X Laboratories. At Reagent X Laboratories, I have designed and built apps and websites, as well as worked in many other areas. I currently reside in sunny south Orange County or Los Angeles, depending on the time of year. My academic education is in Economics and Business Finance, a double degree I obtained at Loyola Marymount University.

As a photography hobbyist, my pursuit of perfection has landed my work in publications like Huffington Post, Psychology Today, FQ Magazine, ThoughtCatalog, Buzzfeed, Fast Company, Bustle, Tech.co, and the Rotary Club, as well as thousands of other corporate, nonprofit, and personal publications internationally. This pursuit is also evident in my share of time as a graphic designer and web developer, and then as an iOS developer. This pursuit plays a heavy part in what I do, how I do it, and who I am in general.

Financial analysis has always been a passion of mine, from compiling revenue forecasts at Telogis and developing financial systems for Young’s Holdings to analyzing the economy of games for fun or using econometrics to model and predict esports outcomes. Visualizing data and making complex trends easily digestible is a skill I possess and something I have a passion for doing. The following are some examples of how I have used these skills:

At Young’s Holdings, I designed complex financial models that consolidated data from multiple sources to deliver presentation-ready graphics and tables for both financial and real estate executive teams. These models parsed and tabulated financial data in ways that simplified the update process, reducing the amount of time spent on maintenance. The models also enabled these teams to determine how, when, and where expenses occurred and what steps to take to reduce them.

At Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, I used my Excel skills to create an automated system to report Health and Life insurance data. I also designed a similar system for forecasting the quarterly and weekly cash budgets. Finally, I developed Excel-based systems that merged data from various investment funds and allowed them to be sorted by date for accounting journal entries. I made a similar system to combine and journal fixed asset allocation schedules. My work significantly increased the efficiency of the accounting department.

At Telogis, I used these skills to streamline the data modeling process, from building simple hierarchies of all departments, accounts, and divisions, to visualizing and presenting revenue forecasts for the executive teams. In developing my iOS and Android applications at Reagent X Laboratories, which have combined totals over 50,000 downloads, I modeled how sales would change over time. I also analyzed how my clients’ websites would perform in the context of their industries.

Beyond the warm glow of my monitors, I play ultimate, shoot landscape and astrophotography, and visit museums. I will never pass up a run or a trip to the beach. I enjoy a good video game (especially the Deus Ex series) and love the music of Blind Guardian, Mobb Deep, Eminem, Bach, Vivaldi, and Tchaikovsky, in no particular order. Also, I love cheese and tea.

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Loyola Marymount University

2014 - 2017

Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance.


Loyola Marymount University

2014 - 2017

Bachelor of Arts in Economics


Young's Holdings

Summer 2017

Constructed longitudinal report model of portfolio expenses for real estate executive team

Built department expense review model for finance executive team

Designed financial summary executive dashboard model

Assisted in updating plan and midyear consolidation templates

Facilitated creation and update of flash and month-end financial reports

Created, tested, and validated report data for ERP transition to Oracle


Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors

October 2016 - April 2017

Developed Excel-based systems to consolidate investment and fixed asset journal entry systems

Automated workflows to increase efficiency of month-end close for parking, health insurance, and life insurance

Designed a cash budget projection system using MAS 500 and Excel

Built database of all current contractors and vendors for the accounting management team

Verified semi-monthly employee expense report accuracy in DocLink



Summer 2015

Built and analyzed revenue and bookings forecasts

Compiled Quarterly Budget reporting information for Travel and IT expenses

Built out a hierarchy for all departments, accounts, and divisions for import to Oracle

Updated monthly actual and budget reporting for accounts across the company

Worked directly with Concur, Intacct, and Salesforce to create reports and export data


Reagent X Laboratories

August 2012 - Current

I specialized in building high-quality, beautiful applications for your iPhone and iPad. My strictness with graphic perfection and an amazing user experience only further my ability to improve the use of the amazing iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Projects included:

iOS Applications

Android Applications

Web applications

Wordpress websites

Data Analysis and Modeling

Microsoft Office


Visual Design


OS X and iOS

Windows 7 and 10

Python, HTML, CSS

Spreadsheets and Databases

Teamwork and Leadership

Project Management