New Blog!

Today I am happy to announce I’ve consolidated and redesigned my blog. No longer will it be fragmented between Svbtle, Medium, and a Wordpress installation. Now, all of my posts will be here.

I shifted my focus away from social integration and moved toward speed and readability. There are no tracking scripts, no analytic scripts, no ads, and nothing to slow down the reading experience. My philosophy is that you have arrived here to read my writing and not be intruded upon, so I have eliminated any sort of distraction from the reading experience.

The new design puts the reader first: there are no third party intrusions, just you and the text. I do anticipate that I will be writing more often now that I have a good platform in which to do so. I hope you will return soon!

Check out some screenshots below, or read more about it on my portfolio!







Thank you so much for reading, I look forward to posting here again soon!